the WHO

Hi! I'm Bogdan, a web & graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania that can't help himself but

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the HOW

  • 1st step Plan & Research

    Just like baking a cake, this is the most crucial part of the process. It is where we gather all the necessary ingredients, put down your goals, objectives, target audience, requirements in order to make it awesome!

  • 2nd step Design

    Next up, a market research will be made in order to get to know your industry and competitors better. Then we sketch, wireframe and prototype different ideas until we get it just right. Finally, we take the final concept and make it pixel perfect and irresistibly delicious!

  • 3d step Develop

    With the design fresh out of the oven, we slice it up, put it nicely on its plate and make it ready to be served. We will make sure not to leave behind any leftovers by using clean and semantic... code of course!

  • 4th step Test & Deploy

    Stepping back from the kitchen, we take the newly implemented product and put it through a series of tests to ensure usability, quality and cross-browser support, making it fully prepared to go out in the real world with a bang.

the WHAT

PharmaCare logo design for sale
logo design

Caring and natural, this logo is indented for the healthcare/pharmaceutical sector. The green/brown color combination promotes a healthy, tranquil and calming effect.

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cleansky logo design
logo design

This is best suited for a brand in the field of cleaning, spa/salon, events, travel, or other if your focus is on improving the "look and feel" of something. It's simple, friendly and personal.

tiemajesty logo design for sale
logo design

A tie in the shape of a crown and the reference to "thy majesty" makes this an elegant and fun choice, great for a brand in the fashion, jewelry or accessories industry.

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Visual Paradox logo design for sale
logo design
Visual Paradox

This is best suited for you if your message is bold, daring and stimulating, regardless of the activity field. This is achieved by combining the the two letters in a clean, thought-provocative and creative way, being a memorable monogram.

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Fairview logo design for sale
logo design

Shaped by a combination of an acorn and a shield, this logo was made for a high residential property development that wanted to communicate strength, natural environment and elegance. Unused proposal.

Medicalis web design & development
web design, jQuery, Wordpress

One of the top scientific congresses for Medical Students and Young Health Professionals in Romania, organized by the students from University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Iuliu Hatieganu" Cluj-Napoca.

UpFront Europe web design & development
web design, jQuery, Wordpress
UpFront Europe

Established in 1989, UpFront Europe specializes in advising on project financing from both national and international support and subsidies to both the private and public sectors. (at CAT media aps)

YMCA Baia Mare 10 years brochure
brochure design
YMCA Baia Mare 10 years

Since 2001, YMCA Baia Mare is a youth NGO that encourages and supports young people to express themselves through trainings, civil service, camps and international exchange.

Plants are also your food report
report design
Plants are also your food

Design and development report for building the “Planter er også din mad” (in danish) e-learning platform, developed by the Danish Agricultural Museum at the invitation of the Ministry of Food and Culture Ministry.

AutoUncle motion graphics
motion graphics

AutoUncle's vision is to make the used car market transparent and attract more buyers and sellers, by gathering and cleaning the jungle of adverts and valuates the market price of every car for sale. (In collaboration with Cristian Andrei)

Lost? in Aarhus video
motion video
Lost? in Aarhus

Won 2nd place at Aarhus Universitet video contest. Entries had to create a warm welcome to the city for new international students. In collaboration with Stylian Rusev and Bianka Banova.


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